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Why should I have my child’s baby teeth restored?

When a child gets a cavity in a baby tooth, our pediatric dentists in Maple Ridge will recommend restoring it with a tooth-coloured filling or dental crown as soon as possible. 

The reason is that tooth decay is a progressive disease, meaning that the cavity will only get larger with time. If we don’t remove the decay and restore the tooth promptly, the child will experience pain and discomfort and eventually an infection or abscess. 

Even though baby teeth eventually come out, it’s crucial to protect them until they’re ready to do so independently. Some baby teeth stay in the mouth until about 12 years of age and have several jobs to do: 

  • Aid in speech development
  • Hold space for developing adult teeth and the development of the jaw
  • Enable the child’s healthy growth and development by allowing them to eat a proper diet
  • Maintain the child’s self-esteem because decayed front teeth are unattractive

If your child has a toothache, we recommend you bring them in for a checkup as soon as possible. Filling a small cavity is much better for the child’s oral health and general well-being than waiting and risking the loss of the tooth. 

Please call our children’s dentist in Maple Ridge, BC and we will be happy to help you schedule an appointment at your convenience.