Dental Fillings in Maple Ridge, BC

Mother and son smiling in Maple Ridge, BCDid you know that the second most common disease after a cold is tooth decay? While there is a good chance most of us will experience a cavity at some point, tooth decay is highly preventable with proper care.

Excellent oral hygiene, routine dental exams and teeth cleanings, and a nutritious diet will all help keep your mouth healthy and free of cavities.

If you get a cavity, the dentists at Meadow Ridge Dental Centre use durable tooth-coloured fillings that create an invisible tooth repair. We can restore your oral health, and no one will know you have ever had a cavity. 

Why Do I Get Cavities?

Knowing how a tooth cavity develops makes it easier to understand how to prevent one from occurring.

Plaque is the sticky, bacteria-filled film that forms on your teeth throughout your day. These bacteria feed on sugars and starches that linger on your teeth after eating. As bacteria consume sugar and starch, acid forms and opens tiny holes in tooth enamel.

These "acid attacks" that repeatedly occur gradually wear away the hard outer layer of enamel and reach the softer layer beneath called dentin. Without treatment, decay continues until it reaches the nerves deep inside your tooth and causes a toothache.

Tooth-Coloured Fillings for a Seamless Repair

Treating a cavity involves removing the decayed portion of the tooth and then filling it with tooth-coloured composite resin. This material contains microscopic particles of glass and resin that give it an appearance that resembles tooth enamel. 

When placing a filling, the first step is to numb the tooth to ensure that your procedure will be pain-free. Our dentists remove the decay and expertly build up the material layer by layer, shaping it to match the tooth's shape and contours perfectly. Because they colour-match the composite resin to surrounding teeth, the repair blends perfectly and seamlessly into your smile.

Steps to Take to Avoid Tooth Cavities

Now that you understand how and why cavities develop, you can be proactive and take steps to prevent them.

Brush Twice a Day, Floss Once

family brushing teeth and smiling Brush your teeth daily with fluoride toothpaste for 2–3 minutes in the morning and again before bedtime. The most important thing about flossing is to do it, and it doesn't matter when, as long as you do a thorough job. If you aren't sure about the correct way to brush and floss, ask your dental hygienist, who will be happy to show you the proper technique.

Using a fluoride mouth rinse is another way to protect your teeth from cavities, especially if the area where you live does not have fluoridated water.

Avoid Sugary and Starchy Foods

It is challenging to maintain excellent oral health when you consume many sugary foods and drinks because they are the main culprits in creating cavities. 

Schedule Routine Checkups at Our Maple Ridge Dental Clinic 

Avoiding cavities is a team effort that includes your dentist and hygienist. At Meadow Ridge Dental Centre, we agree with the recommendation of the Canadian Dental Association that twice-yearly exams and cleanings are optimal for avoiding cavities and gum disease.

If it has been too long since your last dental exam, please don't worry that we will judge or lecture you. Your current oral health situation is all that matters, and we are pleased that you have chosen us to take the next steps with you to create better oral health.

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