IV Sedation

Your Maple Ridge, BC dentist understands that some patients need extra reassurance during dental treatment, especially invasive or prolonged procedures, which is why we are happy to offer sedation dentistry options.

Of course, before we begin your procedure, our experienced dentists ensure that the treatment area is completely numb and you are comfortable. In fact, you will remain pain-free throughout your treatment, although you will experience some mild pressure. But sedation dentistry is still a fantastic option for those seeking optimal relaxation as well.

Reasons You Might Consider Sedation Dentistry in Maple Ridge, BC

  • Dental phobia and anxiety—This is an excellent reason to talk to your dentist about sedation.
  • Multiple or invasive procedures—If you're going to spend a lot of time in the dental chair, sedation dentistry may be a good option.
  • Strong gag reflex—If you have an easy gag reflex when the dentist works in your mouth, we encourage you to talk to us about dental sedation.

Standard procedures where patients ask about sedation dentistry include:

  • Dental implant placement, especially multiple implant posts
  • Dental extractions, especially surgical wisdom tooth extractions
  • Invasive treatments or dental surgeries
  • Root canal therapy or other minimally invasive treatments

Patients opt for sedation dentistry for various reasons, but the first step is always a consultation with the dentist.

Sedation Dentistry Consultation

This visit helps us determine whether you're a good candidate for sedation. We'll take a thorough health history—especially if you are a new patient or the health history on file is not up to date. The health history includes a list of current or recent medications.

If you're a suitable candidate for sedation dentistry, one of our dentists will talk to you about the options and what to expect during and after dental sedation.

Options for Dental Sedation

Oral Dental Sedation

If you are anxious, we offer oral sedation, a pill you take before your procedure. This pill means you can drive yourself home from treatment and will need transportation. We also urge you not to make life-changing decisions on the day of treatment. Instead, we recommend resting for the remainder of the day.

IV Dental Sedation

Dr. Jason Liu is also trained and licensed to administer IV or intravenous sedation dentistry for patients with more profound anxiety.

With IV sedation dentistry at our Maple Ridge, BC dental office, you will not go to sleep, but you will remain in a very relaxed and comfortable state. You will be conscious enough to communicate safely with your dental team, but you won't feel any pain and will remember very little about your procedure. In fact, some patients don't recall any of it!

Contact Your Sedation Dentist in Maple Ridge, BC

We never want anxiety or fear to keep you from getting necessary dental work, which is why we're pleased to offer powerful anesthesia and sedation dentistry options.

If you need dental treatment (or suspect you might) and want to learn more about sedation dentistry, give us a call today.