Root Canal Treatment in Maple Ridge BC

woman experiencing toothache at Maple Ridge dentistAt Meadow Ridge Dental Centre, we have created a friendly, comfortable environment for our patients. We want you to feel positive about dental visits so you can turn to us confidently whenever you experience a problem or have a concern. 

Most people fear root canals because of the pain they experience before treatment. Once the tooth is numb, a root canal won’t feel much different from any other dental procedure.

With experienced dentists, a caring dental team, and advanced technology, we’ll ensure that your root canal treatment (RCT) is comfortable and stress-free.

Symptoms of an Infected or Abscessed Tooth

If your dentist in Maple Ridge recommends root canal treatment, it’s because you have an abscessed or infected tooth. This occurs when bacteria enter the pulp area deep inside your tooth due to a deep cavity, fracture, or hard blow to the tooth. 

The result is often an excruciating toothache, along with other symptoms, including:

  • Red, puffy, or inflamed gums
  • Extreme sensitivity to touch
  • Lingering sensitivity to hot or cold
  • A noticeable bump on your gums
  • A foul taste in your mouth
  • Tooth discolouration

If you experience any of these symptoms, please call our Maple Ridge dental clinic as soon as possible. Putting off treatment will only result in continued pain, and if you wait too long, tooth extraction becomes our only option.

What Happens During Root Canal Treatment?

The only way to relieve your pain and save an infected or abscessed tooth is with root canal treatment, which involves removing the pulp and nerve from within the tooth using advanced technology called rotary endodontics. If you have ever had RCT with manual instruments, you will be pleasantly surprised by how comfortable and efficient the process can be!

diagram of tooth and rootNext, your dentist disinfects the hollow space in your tooth to remove any remaining bacteria. The final step is to fill the space to prevent bacteria from re-entering the root canal.

While rotary endodontic technology makes root canals more comfortable and efficient than ever before, we understand that many patients can benefit from sedation dentistry. We are pleased to offer IV sedation at our Maple Ridge dental clinic, so please let us know if you are interested in this option.

What to Expect after Root Canal Treatment

It is common to experience soreness in the treated area after the numbness wears off as your body works to heal itself. Most patients find that taking an over-the-counter pain reliever like ibuprofen is all they need for comfort. Of course, our dental team is always available if you have a question or concern!

In about two weeks, we’ll have you return to our Maple Ridge dental clinic to place a final filling or crown on the tooth to protect it. 

Schedule Your Next Dental Exam in Maple Ridge 

You can avoid the need for root canal treatment by caring for your teeth properly. Brush twice a day, floss once, and visit Meadow Ridge Dental Centre for exams and teeth cleanings every six months. An infected or abscessed tooth doesn’t always show symptoms, but when your dentist finds it during an examination, they can take prompt steps to treat it.

If you are in pain and think you need emergency root canal treatment in Maple Ridge, we can help you. Our dental clinic is open six days a week, with evening and Saturday appointments available to provide the relief you need.