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Does my child need fluoride?

Fluoride can help prevent tooth decay when combined with brushing and flossing. It can also aid in the slowing down and reversal of early stages of tooth decay. We can all benefit from fluoride to some extent, so fluoride toothpaste is generally recommended for everyone.

For young children and infants, fluoridated toothpaste should be used very sparingly—just a rice grain-sized amount for a child up to three years of age and a pea-sized amount after that. In addition, you should carefully monitor your child to ensure they spit the toothpaste out rather than swallow it. 

If we determine that your child is at high risk for cavities, our Maple Ridge children's dentist may recommend a supplemental form of fluoride. This type of fluoride is available in several applications, including drops, a varnish that is painted on the teeth, and a mouth rinse for older children. 

The best way to see if your child can benefit from fluoride is to schedule an appointment at Meadow Ridge Dental Centre. We love welcoming children to our dental clinic and helping them get a positive, healthy start for a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles.

We are open Monday through Saturday, so you can schedule appointments for your child at your convenience.