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Which Tooth Replacement Option Is Right for You?

December 10, 2022
Posted By: Dr. Robert Noh

If you lose a tooth due to decay, trauma, or necessary extraction, it’s crucial to replace it as soon as possible. A missing tooth invites other teeth to slip toward the new smile gap. This can disrupt your bite and cause undue wear and tear on specific teeth.

Additionally, tooth loss can lead to jawbone deterioration. A dental implant is the only way to combat this type of bone loss.

Discuss Tooth Replacement Options with Your Maple Ridge, BC Dentist

We recommend scheduling a consultation with the dentist to learn more about our tooth replacement options, including which best fits your needs and budget. At this visit, your dentist discusses cost and candidacy. We also set aside time to answer your questions about tooth replacement.

We typically recommend the following tooth replacement options:

  • A dental implant
  • A dental bridge

A dental implant is a restoration root that can integrate into the bone, making it ideal for capping with a dental crown or prosthetic. Dental implant candidacy depends on several factors, including jawbone health.

A dental bridge is a restoration tooth between two dental crowns. Your dentist uses the crowns to cap healthy teeth, which allows the restoration tooth to complete your smile. To place a dental bridge, removing some tooth material from neighbouring teeth is usually necessary before capping them with crowns.

Preventing Further Tooth Loss

Regular dental care and excellent oral hygiene are the best ways to prevent future tooth loss. You should also protect your smile if you compete in athletics. And talk to your dentist if you suspect nighttime teeth grinding (bruxism). Finally, always let us know if you have an oral health issue like a toothache or swelling.

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