Oral Cancer Screening from Meadow Ridge Dental Centre

We are pleased to offer one of the latest oral cancer detection systems available. Although the gold standard in oral cancer detection is still a visual exam by the dentist, at Meadowridge Dental, we have available 'Velscope' technology. This technology can often alert the dentist to an area of concern that might have been difficult to catch on a traditional visual exam. It takes mere minutes and it works by using a blue light to examine the tissues. Cancers or pre-cancerous lesions react differently to this light source as compared to healthy tissue.

Early detection of cancerous lesions is important because the outcome for survival is much better (an 83% versus 50% five-year survival rate) and often disfiguring surgery can be minimized. We encourage you to ask us about this at your next exam to see if it is appropriate for you. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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