Get Relief! Root Canal Therapy (RCT) Offered in Maple Ridge

When a tooth abscesses (becomes infected) or is considered to be at risk of abscessing due to decay or another form of trauma, Meadow Ridge Dental Centre will recommend root canal therapy (RCT). Unfortunately, the only other option at this point is extraction.

Most people fear RCT because of the pain associated with the abscess. In fact, once the tooth has been anesthetized, the procedure will feel no different than any other dental procedure. RCT involves removal of the nerve tissue from within the tooth with specialized instruments.

Next, the hollow space that is left behind is disinfected to remove any residual bacteria. The final step is to fill the space to prevent the reintroduction of bacteria.

After RCT has been completed, the tooth will need to have a crown placed on the tooth to protect it from fracturing or breaking. Call Meadow Ridge Dental Centre for more information.

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